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How To Choose A Bike Helmet

How To Choose A Bike Helmet

How To Choose A Bike Helmet

How To Choose A Bike Helmet

How To Choose A Bike Helmet in the grand scheme of things, cycling is a relatively safe activity to engage in, but there are inherent risks in everything. It’s important you take a proactive apporach to your safety when riding a bike.The majority of people spend their time and research on the bike, but I would argue that choosing the proper helmet is just as, if not more important than the bike itself. A head injury can have catastrophic effects on your life.

Find A Proper Fitting Helmet

A helmet that fits securely is the most essential part of the buying process. This means that ordering off the internet is probably not the best option, you need to visit a store and get your head measured, at the very least. If you subsequently decide to buy online, at least you will know the exact size to order. The problem with a cycling helmet is that you won’t know how good it is until it’s needed and that’s defintily not when you want to find out you made the right choice. But it is not just the fit that you need to take into consideration. Also, how it looks on you as well.

Safety Standards

In the majority of countries, there are certain levels of protection that a helmet has to meet before it can be offered for sale. Do your own research and find the specific standards that apply to your country, or state. This will give you confidence in your purchase as at least you know it has passed stringent safety tests.

When it comes to anything cycling the cost of a product seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of product you get for your money. In other words the more you spend, the less you receive. This may sound strange, but you have to remember the challenge for manufacturers is to try and produce the lightest most comfortable helmet, that doesn’t compromise on protection. This research and development cost’s money, and needs to be recouped, and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for!

Retention Systems

One of the biggest advances in helmet technology has been the introduction of new and innovative retention systems. No longer is it simply a case of a chin strap. In most cases, the helmets come wth a webbing concept that can be finely tuned to tighten around the inside of the rear of the helmet. Again there are significant benefits to visiting a store and purchasing your helmet there, as these systems can be complicated to work.

A good system, on the more expensive helmets should be easy to adjust with one hand, but different systems suit different people, so take the time to familiarize yourself with all of available options. It may seem obvious, but your hair style can also have an impact on the situation. If you have long hair in particular, and then you suddenly get it cut, the chances are that your new helmet will no longer fit. Some retention systems will have a degree of variability, but probably not enough to cover this situation.


There are many different styles of riding, and consequently many different styles of helmet. But as mentioned above, be prepared to spend extra money.

Some people prefer to visualise the buying process before visiting a store, and this video may help you understand the process further.A good cycle helmet is paramount to your safety, and we hope that these tips will help you to stay safe and enjoy many years of cycling.


How To Choose A Bike Helmet


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