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Bodyweight Training AB Sling


The AB Sling is padded for extra comfort, and offers heavy duty clips for additional support. Enjoy its superior durability, and build your core and upper body strength with this quality sling that will continue to deliver when others long give up.


Ab Sling are used to isolate your oblique’s and build your abs (Abdominal muscles). Ab Sling are padded for extra comfort and to ensure you don’t hurt the tricep area which essentially is holding your whole body weight up. Ab Slings have heavy duty clips for support and durability so you don’t fall of the bar holding you up. Ab Crunches have never been so sophisticated, effective and appealing. Easy to enter and exit… and extremely comfortable. All exercises are done…

Ab Sling encourage superior toning, trimming and conditioning of the entire abdominal area without lower back strain.

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Weight 1 kg