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adidas SWIVEL PUSH UP BARS main purpose is to assist and support you to build your upper body and core strength with this set of swivel push up bars! These adidas SWIVEL PUSH UP BARS are essential for anyone who is into strength training, and feature a Unique swivel/fixed action with a smooth bearing disc.



People with carpal tunnel or other arm and hand problems may find pushups difficult to perform, but with this adidas SWIVEL PUSH UP BARS, the swivel allows the movement of the arm to chane enabling the push up to take form. The pushup bar is elevated off the floor, which allows you to hold onto the unit with your hands and lower the body onto the floor, meaning full range of motion not just a half motion stretching the pectoral (chest) muscles for better workout purposes. adidas SWIVEL PUSH UP BARS prevents discomfort in the hand, wrist and arms because you’re not placing your weight on a bent or flexed wrist. The elevated bar increases your range of motion during the pushup so you can drop your body lower than the standard floor pushup. It is also possible to increase and decrease the intensity of the pushup by altering your hand placement on the pushup bars. The swivel on the rotating adidas SWIVEL PUSH UP BARS improves stability and forces the core muscles to work harder during the movement.

Train harder with Adidas- the well-known brand whose training hardware is designed to increase speed, power, endurance and strength!

The adidas SWIVEL PUSH UP BARS have a unique swivel action and builds both the upper body and core.



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