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adidas WEIGHT VEST are amazing fitness vests used by agility, cross fit and training sports men and woman to train for upper body strength, lower body stamina and your core works out at the same time. adidas WEIGHT VEST is a great way of adding resistance to a workout. The adidas WEIGHT VEST includes flexible, weighted inserts that can be placed into pockets and can add up to 10kgs. The adidas WEIGHT VEST can manage up to and including 10Kg of weight spread evenly over your entire upper body adds resistance to every move you make. The adidas WEIGHT VEST first closes with its full length zip to create a snug fit then has the added grip from the elasticated buckle belt. The ‘body’ of the jacket is lined with a soft material to allow you to wear it directly against your skin or over your workout apparel. The internal weights are soft and mould to your body and can be removed to personalize the fit and also to modify the intensity of your workout.

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adidas WEIGHT VEST Features:

  • Total weight: 10.7kg
  • 9 variable, flexible weight inserts
  • Secure zip up pockets
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Adjustable buckle and straps
  • Zip up design for close fit
  • One size fits all

Just putting this adidas WEIGHT VEST on makes you feel like an action hero so channel that energy into running, jumping, squats and lunges, because the weights sit close to your body meaning that you move naturally and with precision.

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