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Agility Dots


Excellent for reaction and agility training. Flat, non-slip rubber helps to prevent injury, and setup takes seconds. Dots are sold separately and come available in green, yellow, red, blue and orange.

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Agility Dots used for all forms of training to build stamina, burn calories and get fit. Agility Dots come in a set of 5 and are perfect for plyometric, speed and agility training workouts. Personal training, sports conditioning and boot camp clinics can use these Dots anywhere – inside and outside –  because they feature a non-slip, rubberized coating to minimize risk of injury due to slipping. Agility Dots are an ideal tool for use on hard surfaces to create patterns to challenge athlete’s footwork and body awareness. Easy to use, store, and transport.

Fitness Equipment Features:
5 x Agility dots (5 different colours one yellow, red, blue, green and orange.)


Non-Slip construction


9″ Diameter


The dots can be purchased individually too, please mail me to advise if you want to buy extra dots and if so, what colours you would like to add to the package. The extra dots are sold at R20 each.
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