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Aqua Barbell (75cm)


Excellent quality and durable piece of flotation equipment. Use on top of water for improved balance and gait training, or used under water for aquatic resistance exercises. Builds strength and conditioning and improve co-ordination and pelvic stabilisation.

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Aqua Barbell is designed with a tight focus on overall quality starting with the foam. EVA foam is the ideal material for indoor or outdoor pool and open water exercise and is UV resistant and is very pliable so it does not chip or become brittle. This foam is very dense so a water bead up on it and it has a relatively smooth finish which makes it easy to clean. The foam is resistant to harbouring bacteria like the typical open cell white foam. EVA foam on our Aqua Barbell is durable and super-fast drying with padded neoprene handgrip bar for comfort. Aqua Barbell have water tight end caps so they don’t fall off while training.

Aqua Barbell swim bar measures 75cm long for maximum variable hand widths and foam padded grip area for maximum variable grip widths. Aqua Barbell is an excellent all round piece of flotation equipment. The Aqua Barbell can be used on top of water for support and balance e.g. gait training for stroke victims. The Aqua Barbell is also used under the water for aquatic resistance exercises as well as strength and conditioning exercises. The swimmer can sit on the Aqua Barbell for balance, co-ordination and pelvic stabilization exercises. Aqua Barbell is also an effective tool for blind swimmers to use as buffer whilst exercising in water.

Customers procure this Aqua Barbell for various reason including aerobic exercising, swimming instruction and rehabilitation exercises.


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