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Aqualine Swim Fins


Aqualine Swim Fins with a long blade and soft rubber footpocket to ensure the chafe is relieved whilst swimming for a period of time

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Aqualine Swim Fins

Aqualine Swim Fins have a lengthy rubber blade used to enhance the swimmers stride when swimming. The fins can be used as training fins, they can be used as sea fins and used as normal swimming and messing around fins. The Aqualine Swim Fins have a soft rubber footpocket which alleviates the chafe on the foot while swimming for a lengthy period of time.

Aqualine Swim Fins

Aqualine Swim Fins are available in various sizes, these can be selected from the dropdown menu provided. The sizes are UK measurements and as you will see, vary in colour based on the size of the fin. All the fins have a grey foot area while the blade varies in colour.

Size:  10 – 12 (Y) Colour: GREY/LIGHT YELLOW
Size: 12 – 13 (Y) Colour: GREY/BLUE
Size: 13 – 1 (Y) Colour: GREY/LIME
Size: 1 – 3 Colour: GREY/AQUA
Size: 3 – 5 Colour: GREY/ORANGE
Size: 5 – 7 Colour: GREY/YELLOW
Size: 7 – 8 Colour: GREY/RED
Size: 9 – 10 Colour: GREY/NAVY
Size: 11 – 12 Colour: GREY/BLACK
Size: 13 – 15 Colour: GREY/ DARK GREY

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Size: 10 – 12 (Y) Colour: GREY/LIGHT YELLOW, Size: 12 – 13 (Y) Colour: GREY/BLUE, Size: 13 – 1 (Y) Colour: GREY/LIME, Size: 1 – 3 Colour: GREY/AQUA, Size: 3 – 5 Colour: GREY/ORANGE, Size: 5 – 7 Colour: GREY/YELLOW, Size: 7 – 8 Colour: GREY/RED, Size: 9 – 10 Colour: GREY/NAVY, Size: 11 – 12 Colour: GREY/BLACK, Size: 13 – 15 Colour: GREY/ DARK GREY