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Balance and Stabilisation Antiburst Exercise Ball


Balance and Stabilisation Antiburst Exercise Ball allows you to enjoy burst resistance of up to 250kg. Improve your flexibility and strengthen your core with ease, while developing stability and strength

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Balance and Stabilisation Antiburst Exercise Ball

Balance and Stabilisation Antiburst Exercise Ball

Balance and Stabilisation Antiburst Exercise Ball

Anti-burst Exercise Ball available in various sizes and colours

Anti-burst Exercise Ballis also known to some as a Stability Ball. This Exercise Ball is a high quality ball at an affordable price, so be aware of cheap imitations, they can burst, lose pressure and injure you. The Anti-burst Exercise Ball has a burst resistant up to 250 kgs. Anti-burst Exercise Ball is used to strengthen your core, improve flexibility and develop strength and stability in the athlete.

Gym Ball is now being used by people of all ages and abilities to improve their balance, coordination and strength.

Anti-burst Exercise Ball is ideal for strengthening and toning abdominal, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs and buttocks. Maximize your stretching and increase flexibility while at the same time improves balance and coordination. Buy our resistance bands to assist you with exercising of these body parts.

For the adult or pediatric population, use of this Anti-burst Exercise Ball provides a fun way to develop sensory motor skills, improve balance and trunk stability, and perform a multitude of other exercises.

Anti-burst Ball has an Anti-burst: tested to 250kg. Anti-burst Exercise Ball can be used indoors or outdoors, in the gyms and studios, not used to kick around the yard as it will puncture.

Antiburst Exercise Ball colour is black; the 45cm balls are available in GREEN. The ball is easy to inflate and easy to clean

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