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Balance & Stabilisation Wedge Cushions


Balance & Stabilisation Wedge Cushions is an inflatable PVC wedge helps to strengthen lower back muscles, correct sitting posture,  helps to boost balance

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Balance & Stabilisation Wedge Cushions

Balance & Stabilisation Wedge Cushions is an inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion requiring active participation from user to assume correct sitting posture. Inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion helps strengthen lower back muscles from injury, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion can be inflated or deflated to increase or decrease difficulty or position required for use.

Balance & Stabilisation Wedge Cushions

This smaller size Inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion is designed for children to ensure the users hips are above the knees, relieving abnormal stresses in the lower spine and relaxing the users back. Inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion provides great postural benefit to the child when sitting at a desk or at home.

Not only will it help your spine into its natural, balanced ‘S’ shape by tilting your pelvic gently forward (the shape that doctors recommend!), Inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion also has the added advantage that you can inflate it to your required firmness for ultimate comfort.

Simply place the Inflatable PVC Wedge Cushion on your chair with the textured surface facing upwards and it will aid your posture. Prevents slouching and helps reduce stress on the lower back.

So if your office bound, are you using this amazing product, if not, buy yours here now.

Small balance cushion is 25cm X 25cm X 6.8cm

Large balance cushion is 34cm X 34cm X 8.5cm

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