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Deep Tissue Massage Stick


Use the Deep Tissue Massage Stick to increase blood flow, and make knots disappear by rubbing over tight muscles with ease, helps to relax muscles


Deep Tissue Massage Stick

Deep Tissue Massage Stick has various uses including the use after training to improve blood flow which prevents injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage Stick

Deep Tissue Massage Stick also helps increase the mobility and flexibility of your body.

However, this product isn’t just for the elite athlete. No, no, it is just as beneficial for those seeking everyday relief from leg, back, or tendon pain. During a deep tissue massage or SMR treatment from our Muscle Roller Stick, your muscles will get increased blood flow. This increased nutrient rich blood flow will help aid in relief from most common pains!

Trigger Point Massage is 3.5 x 45 cm and will massage the muscles down to subtle pain relief. Reward your worked out muscles with the relaxing recovery that they deserve with the Deep Tissue Massage Stick. Made of high-denisty EVA, this roller excels at increased blood flow, reduced tactic acid, accelerated recovery, and improved strength in quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and neck. The handles actually roll for improved ergonomics when you’re really on a roll.

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