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Deluxe Chin-up bar increases muscle strength and tone because you using your own body weight. Deluxe Chin-up bar is used for chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, arm and shoulder exercises which will give some awesome toning of the upper body. Chin-up bar fits all standard size door frames (minimum to maximum depth of 11cm to 16cm)

Deluxe Chin-up bar is a multifunction training system that raises the bar literally on upper body exercises. Turn any door into your own personal gym in just seconds. Chin-up bar has a unique design wrapping around your doorframe and uses leverage so there are no screws and no damage to your door.

Begin your routine in the doorway with chin-ups and pull-ups to develop and strengthen your shoulders, arms, back and lats. Take your Deluxe Chin-up bar to the floor for deep push-ups and a greater range of motion without strain on your wrists. Chin-up bar has a sturdy base and is ideal for tricep dips on the floor. Finish your workout at the base of your door with gut-blasting crunches for rock-hard abs and oblique’s. Plus, with 3 different grip positions—narrow grip, wide grip and neutral—you can switch up your routine and keep challenging your muscles.

Deluxe Chin-up bar Features:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Great for any fitness level
  • Helps to increase range of motion
  • Enables you to do various exercises working a wide range of muscle groups
  • Perfect to use with strength training programs
  • Portable, bring it with you on trips

Image result for DELUXE CHIN-UP BAR

Image result for DELUXE CHIN-UP BAR

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