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Bands & Tubing Fit Tube


Now you can strengthen and tone your entire body, including the upper, lower and middle body, while enjoying excellent portability. Your workout tool is ideal for use on the road, and is fit for bodyweight training, Yoga and toning balls. Men and women ages 20-55 will benefit from using this Fit Tube solution.

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Smooth, consistent resistance.
  • Train anywhere, even when travelling.
  • 1.2m with rubber grip handles.

Fit Tubes are ideal for those times when you just can’t make it to the gym.

They offer and inexpensive and portable way to get a full body workout.  Fit tubes are available in different resistance levels from light to extra heavy.

Each tube is 1.2m long and is fitted with a rubber grip handle on each end. The handles rotate so that they are comfortable and also allow for a greater range of motion.

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