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The Fitness 4 WAY FAMILY SET includes a variety of equipment to give you a full body workout. Is ideal for travelling purposes. The set is easy to pack and take with you on your travels.



Fitness 4 WAY FAMILY SET – Keep fit in the comfort of your own home with the multi accessory Medalist 4 Way Family exercise set.

4 Way Family Set includes:

  • skipping rope
  • chest expander
  • power twister
  • hand grips

Fitness 4 WAY FAMILY SET can be used by the whole family. The Fitness 4-WAY FAMILY SET is an exercise set which will assist you with upper body exercises which will start with the Chest expander used to exercise the pectoral muscles, also known as the chest muscles. The deltoids also known as the shoulders will receive a workout with this apparatus and the triceps will give some small part of the work. By standing on the one handle of the chest expander, and lifting the other end you can safely work the biceps and similarly, hooking the handle up above your head can work the triceps and some latimus dorsi (back) muscles. The skipping rope in the 4-Way Family Set will assist you with the rounding of the shoulders, exercise the heart and lungs which is part of the cardio workout. The hand grips will assist your wrist, forearms and hands to strengthen up while the power twister will exercise the chest, shoulders and back muscles.

As you can see from the above, the body gets a good workout, and best of all, you can carry this Fitness 4 WAY FAMILY SET with you wherever you go, so, when travelling, on holiday or just away from the gym, you can still use this equipment to perform a pretty decent workout.

Buy your family set today and get the kids and family working out.


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