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Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip


Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip for the advanced trainer working forearms and tendons – 8 to 40kg resistance adjustable by knob to ensure maximum resistance


Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip

Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip for the advanced training of the forearms, hands and tendons. Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip has a resistance level from 8 to 40kgs. The grip on the Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip is a non-slip grip and fits snugly in the hand. The Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip has an adjustable tension knob to increase the resistance of the session. The resistance is enhanced by a steel spring which is very durable.

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Single hand power grip trains the forearms and ensures the increased tension works the right muscle to the max. Sturdy and robust design ensures the grip wont slip. 10kg – 40kg adjustable range, You can adjust the strength tension from 10kg to 40kg by turning the red rotary knob.

An excellent training tool that strengthens your hands, wrist and forearm.

Small, exquisite, lightweight and portable, you can carry it with you to exercise anytime.

Suitable for the elderly, the office crowd and sports enthusiasts.


Type: Hand grips

Material: New reinforced ABS, TPR elastic plastic, Polypropylene and fine steel

Strength Range: 10-40 Kg

Size: 14.8 * 10.8 * 2cm




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