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Fitness Core Sliders


Fitness Core Sliders are used to work the core muscles as well as the other body parts when using on any surface anywhere to burn calories


Fitness Core Sliders

Fitness Core Sliders strengthens core with a great abdominal workout. The Fitness Core Sliders has two discs and they glide on any surface with both sides being able to glide.

Fitness Core Sliders

The Fitness Core Sliders are compact and lightweight for workouts on the go. Easy to stow these core sliders in a gym bag and because it can be used on any surface, they can be used anywhere on any surface.

Dual Sided discs that can be used on practically all indoor surfaces. Core Sliders are designed to be ultra- light and portable. Which make them perfect for your gym or travel bag. While Fitness Core Sliders will deliver an unparalleled core workout. They can be used to target all muscle groups, from chest to legs. The very nature of training with Core Sliders involves the core and supporting musculature. Training of these aspect results in excellent carryover to most sports and real life disciplines.


Each Core Slider weighs just 100 grams (3.5 oz).

Each disc has a thickness of 1.25 cm (0.5 inches).

Discs are foam on one side and hard plastic on the other.

Each purchase is for a set of 2 discs.

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