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The Fitness EXERCISE WHEEL DOUBLE, otherwise known as the Ab wheel is great for abdominal exercise. When used correctly, it can help stretch out the back muscles too. The handles’ easy grip design makes it stable and easy to control and ensures that you do not slip and get injured.



Fitness EXERCISE WHEEL DOUBLE will strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back with this wheel. Fitness EXERCISE WHEEL DOUBLE teams up a pair of nonskid wheels and two easy-grip handles. To use, simply get on all fours, grab hold of the handles, and glide the wheels back and forth across the floor. At various points during the exercise, you’ll work every major upper body muscle group as your torso adjusts to the movements.

  • Wheel Dimension : 18cm diameter
  • Overall Length : 31cm
  • Disc Material : Molded Plastic Discs
  • Rod Material : Heavy Duty Metal Steel Rod with Comfortable Grips
  • Gender : Unisex

The Fitness EXERCISE WHEEL DOUBLE is one of the best ways to target the rectus abdominal muscles. Exercise your core muscles with the Abdominal Exercise Wheel. The exercise wheel helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles with its 2 easy-glide wheels. With molded handles, the exercise wheel provides you with a secure grip to help you get the most out of your workout.

Features and Benefits:

  • Strengthens your abdominal muscles
  • 2 easy-glide wheels for balance and stability
  • Molded handles for a secure grip

Correct Technique to use the Fitness EXERCISE WHEEL DOUBLE:

It is important to use the correct technique to get the most out of your Fitness EXERCISE WHEEL DOUBLE.

  • Get in a comfortable position on your knees (use a mat under your knees if it’s more comfortable)
  • Hold the handles on the ab roller wheel
  • Tighten your abs muscles to stabilize your core
  • Slowly roll the wheel out in front of you keeping your stomach muscles tight
  • Slowly return to your starting position using your abs to pull yourself upright, not your hips
  • Repeat for 10-12 reps

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