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Balance & Stabilisation Gliding Kit


Build strong and lean, beautiful muscles, tone your body and use graceful exercises to trim your hips and firm up your buns with the newest fitness revolution. Sculpt your legs, tone your outer and inner thighs and firm and lift your glutes with this cutting edge exercise system today.

Benefit from the new fitness revolution. Everyone is talking about Gliding Exercises because it is so effective. Thanks to the revolutionary Exercise Gliding exercises, you can now build smooth and graceful movements that help to tone and train your entire body with a single workout.

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Gliding Kit Hardwood exercises allow you to do smooth, graceful movements that firm, tone and sculpt long, lean beautiful muscles. Gliding Kit Hardwood is the New Fitness Sensation! Gliding is so effective, everyone’s talking about it. Gliding Kit Hardwood apparatus is a revolutionary exercise to strengthen & lengthens muscles.

The secret is the revolutionary sliding motion that engages your muscles through a full range to strengthen and lengthen the major muscle groups of your entire body. You can sculpt shapely legs, tone your inner and outer thighs, trim your hips and firm and lift your buns. Works well for weight loss, yoga and some aerobic exercise.

The Gliding Kit Hardwood is specially designed for home or studio use to slide smoothly on hardwood, laminated or tiled floors. They allow you to experience new movements that work your muscles like never before, get those yoga movements going today

Ideal for the person new to Gliding, wanting to get to grips with the new system. All you need in one kit.

  • Includes 2 Gliding Discs
  • 1 DVD combining three Videos
  • Ultimate Buns & Legs – 35mins
  • Fat Burning Cardio – 55mins
  • Total Body Basics – 37mins
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Weight 3 kg