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Hedgehog Balance Ball


Hedgehog Balance Ball is used to help boost dynamic balance and for excellent stabilisation training for Physios, Pilates and Yoga

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Hedgehog Balance Ball

Hedgehog Balance Ball is used to improve dynamic balance. Users who buy this for Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Rehabilitation and the like receive great benefits in this apparatus. Hedgehog Ball can be arranged with flat-side down or up for varied levels of difficulty whilst training. The Balance Ball is ideal for balance and stabilization training.

Training with the Hedgehog Ball is good for the coordination. It is also suitable for various strength exercises and for relaxation, foot massage and body perception. The buds of these semicircular bubble ball balance hedgehog stimulate circulation and therefore this balance hedgehog is also suitable for foot massage. Hedgehog Balance Ball is inflated, therefore because of a valve it is flexible in hardness.

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Dimensions: diameter 16 cm, height 9 cm.

Hedgehog Balance Ball

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Weight 1 kg