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Kidz Tag Belt Set of 6


Kidz Tag Belt is manufactured from a colourful webbing and are easy for children to take off and out back on. Young children are encouraged to wear the Kidz Tag Belt too as they are safe and make it easy to observe what activity they are doing from afar.


The Kidz tag belts are easy to take on and off, even for young children.  The belts are made from colourful webbing and the vinyl tags are supplied in the same colour or a variation of colours

Tag belts can be purchased individually or in a set of 6.

Kidz Tag Belt are mainly used for playtime to assist the children to identify the relevant teams, the children will be able to pass, catch, touch and play as a team differentiating between the tags and the team members as well as opposition.

Other uses are to assist and support the teacher or leader with who is who in terms of teams, fun groups.

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