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Mini Massage Roller

Mini Massage Roller has specially designed bumps and two wheels on the roller, massage with precision to any body part. Mini Massage Roller is a deep tissue massager which stimulates blood circulation.

The Mini Massage Roller is perfect for portable massage on the go! This sturdy little roller has an ergonomic design that allows you to massage yourself or others without fatiguing your hands. Compact and highly durable, this is a great item for use at home or in the therapy center.

This item features two rollers, providing a wide area of contact. Each roller is approximately 1.5 inches long making it an excellent choice for use on the arms or legs. As you move the roller over the affected area, small plastic spikes stimulate and soothe the muscles to break down knots and provide sensory stimulation.

Use the Massage Roller to provide soothing sensory input for your students. Relieve muscle pains, provide tactile feedback, and more. Teach independence and self-help skills by showing them to use it so they can use it to calm and sooth themselves.

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