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Multi Resistance Training Kit


Multi Resistance Training Kit consists of 6 resistance bands, ankle straps, door anchor, soft handles, all stowed away in a carry bag for your convenience


Multi Resistance Training Kit

Multi Resistance Training Kit can be used by an individual or by a group of trainers all wanting to perform various exercise with different resistant levels. People performing toning, sculpting, weight loss and “cutting” routines will love this kit as it offers a stacked resistance level form of HIIT training aids, the Multi Resistance Training Kit can be stacked to increase resistance.

The Multi Resistance Training Kit features a metal clipping system on bands for attachment to soft-grip handle or ankle strap used when performing various exercises. The Resistance Training Kit thus allows for a variety of changes to take place with or without handles.

Resistance Training Kit includes a door anchor, carrying bag and an ankle strap.

The Resistance bands include:

  • Yellow (1 – 2kg’s)
  • Green (2 – 3kg’s)
  • Red (5 – 6kg’s)
  • Black (7 – 10kg’s)
  • Blue (12 – 14kg’s)
  • Orange (14 – 16kg’s)

Package consists of:

  1. 6 x Resistance bands of various strengths
  2. Door anchor
  3. Ankle straps
  4. Soft Grip handles
  5. Carrying bag

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