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The Fitness NBR EXERCISE MAT makes for a great workout space, giving you the freedom to stretch and on a clean and soft surface. Fitness NBR EXERCISE MAT features a cushioned, non-slip design that allows for a secure ad firm grip. The compact size makes it great for anyone who is on the move to pack and travel with.


NBR EXERCISE MAT is ideal for all floor exercises, as the name says, people who need to kneel, sit and lie down on the floor will use this quality fitness mat.

Size: 180 x 60 x 1.5cm

NBR EXERCISE MAT has removable straps that holds the mat rolled up when not in use, so is easily portable. The NBR EXERCISE MAT has the top side ribbed, while the bottom of the mat is smooth. This  has closed cell foam and is non-absorbent and easily wipes clean


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Weight 3 kg