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Pilates Yoga Ball


Pilates Yoga Ball used to build endurance and muscle strength when performimng yoga and pilates exercises. Quality product from Your Fit Store

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Pilates Yoga Ball

Pilates Yoga Ball

Pilates Yoga Ball is a soft ball used when performing various exercise routines during pilates and yoga, even aerobics and cardio workouts. There is not age group or gender restrictions when using these Pilates Ball.

The Yoga Ball is a soft, lightweight and portable ball so it can be stowed away in a gym bag or in a cupboard as needed.

Ball are used not only to stretch, but also to build muscle strength and endurance through slow motion exercises when performing yoga or pilates. Pilates Yoga Ball are also used to improve alignment of the body while exercising, stability when performing those stretches, flexibility and endurance when exercising.

Ball is available in 3 sizes




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