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The awesome POWER TWISTER is a great piece of ancillary strength building equipment. This twister is designed to isolate the chest, arms and shoulders.  The power twister bar works the pectorals major and the pectoralis minor, the major muscle groups that cover the chest area. In addition, the biceps and shoulders get a good workout.  Great for building upper body, hand and wrist strength.  Power Twister is ideal for active men and women who exercise daily at their home or office.


Simply bend the bar for concentrated upper body workout, and enjoy the benefits of the TWISTER.

The POWER TWISTER is the breakthrough workout device that uses the power of Isometrics to build strength, power, and lean muscle faster than ever before! Get a bigger chest, stronger back, more powerful shoulders and arms and tighter abs and obliques. Isometrics is the proven way to stimulate muscle growth…FAST. Instead of using multiple reps that cause stress on your joints, the Twister bar works in a concentrated range of motion, focusing effort right on the muscle! Just activate the resistance and hold for 7 seconds to feel the power of the Fitness Twister. It’s one of the most effective total body workouts you can do to build a bigger chest, strengthen your back, get powerful shoulders, and tighten your abs and obliques.

Product length 75cm


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Weight 3 kg