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Resistance Band Rolls


Resistance Band Rolls area great way to shape and tone your whole body. Resistance bands available in different rolls and strengths measured by colours.

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Resistance Band Rolls

Resistance Band Rolls are exactly the length as requested, and are bulk rolled for your convenience. This Resistance Band is very popular for schools, crèche’s, rehabilitation centres and yes, even you at home. The Resistance Band is used by Therapists and Trainers for beginners, toning, weight loss and specific muscle building exercises. This Resistance Band Rolls is tough, long lasting fitness bands and are a great way to shape and tone your whole body. The Bulk Roll is perfect for use in the gym or exercise studio. This allows you to cut the band at specific length for your classes and clients. They come in 7 different strengths and colours for use by beginners to advanced band exercisers.

Resistance Band

Handles can be purchased separately and attached to the Resistance Band, the handles are sold in a pair. Contact us if this is a need

Exercise Band is used to tighten up various muscles in the body from arms, to legs, abs to back and shoulders. This exercise band is very popular in yoga, aerobic and pilates studios.

Resistance Band Rolls strengths and colours:

  • YELLOW (1,5KG)
  • RED (2.0KG)
  • GREEN (2.7KG)
  • BLUE (3.5KG)
  • BLACK (4.5KG)
  • SILVER (6.8KG)
  • GOLD (9.0KG)

Sizes pre-cut into:

  • 25m Roll
  • 5m Roll
  • 2m Roll
  • 1.2m Roll

Please select your Exercise Band strengths and colours based on the resistance you will get out of it, and remember, you will get used to a strength and might need to increase it after a few weeks. Select these on the drop down and get them delivered to your door.

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25m Roll, 5.5m Roll, 2m Roll, 1.2m Roll