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Strength Training Rubber Bumper Plate


These rubber bumper plates allow you to perform your lifting safely and easily. They are incredibly tough and allow for the daily intensity of a workout. Never worry again about damaging the floor if the bar drops!

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Rubber Bumper Plates as the names suggest are weighted bumper plates with rubber covering the metal parts, these are used for weight lifting normally and not normal everyday gym use, however, they serve the same purpose and Rubber Bumper Plates can be sued for all training and facilities. Rubber Bumper Plates allow you to perform your lifting safely; they are tough enough to allow for the daily intensity of the workout, meaning they can withstand the abuse when they are dropped. No need to worry about damage to the floor or your bar if dropped while practicing snatches clean & jerk, squats and thrusters. We do however suggest that the Rubber Bumper Plates are dropped on a weight lifting platform to ensure a longer lifetime for your rubber bumper plates. Please see our flooring category should you wish to purchase these.

All rubber bumper plates have the same diameter.

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