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Skipping Rope-Leather Wooden Handles


The Skipping Rope is a quality and durable product that is designed to last for years. Get more from your workout, with the quality and reliable Skipping Rope that comes with leather wooden handles.


Skipping Rope – Leather Wooden Handles is genuine leather heavy duty rope with sealed ball bearings for precision speed and workouts. Contoured and polished solid wood handles for added cardio benefits and power. A super high quality speed rope for all skill levels. Skipping Rope – Leather Wooden Handles gives excellent momentum during swinging. Skipping Rope – Leather Wooden Handles is exactly designed handles fits with the natural movement of Your hands. Handles shapes provide maximize efficiency and control. Skipping Rope – Leather Wooden Handles ensures more workout for the user and requires more effort to get into motion and to continue the swing.  Comfortable grip handles, pleasant wooden Finish and round Edges give additional safety.  Our Leather ropes are ideal for every Professional.

Skipping Rope – Leather Wooden Handles leather skipping rope Keep momentum better that’s why More than 90% Boxers and professional Athletes like Heavy leather rope. Leather jump ropes improve their cardiovascular ability, muscle fitness and endurance.

To properly size your skipping ropes, hold the handles and stand on the middle of the rope. Your hands should come up to your pectoral muscles.

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