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Balance & Stabilisation Slide Board


This quality slide board’s rubber base helps to prevent sliding. It can also lie flat on any surface, and includes two end stops and one repair of slide booties. Build upper body strength in the comfort of your own home, excellent for weight loss and for building stamina.


Slide Board function is to develop lateral strength, power and endurance. Improve your balance, agility, speed and flexibility with this exceptionally effective, low impact aerobic workout.  Develop strong quads for powerful running and jumping with our Slide Board.

Use Slide Board for fitness training and sport specific training for: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Snow Boarding, Lacrosse, Volleyball, In-line Skating, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin and more…

Lateral training with the Slide Board improves power, change of direction, endurance and balance 1/4″ solid core polymer board constructed with an extremely slick ‘fresh ice’ top surface. Each Slide Board comes with standard-sized speed booties. The underlay is a non-slip reinforced rubber that holds firm on floor or carpet. Great for hockey players, speed skaters, figure skaters and freestyle skate skiers. Board will also improve balance, agility, speed and flexibility.

Slide Board is lightweight and portable with a roll up design. The rubber base prevents sliding. Board will lie flat on any surface so it’s easy to use.

Includes 2 end stops and 1 pair of slide booties.

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Weight 5 kg