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Speed Rope


The Speed Rope is perfectly ideal for speed jumping. It comes with coated stainless steel cable, as well as adjustable length. Get more from your workout with the quality Speed Rope.


Speed Skip Rope designed for the perfect speed jumping.

This Speed Skip Rope is perfect for advanced jumpers who have mastered double unders, triple unders, and speed-step jumping.  It is certainly not the rope to be learning jump rope skills.  The patented bearing system in the handles makes them virtually friction-free, and the pivoting eye allows for ANY angle of hand motion, making this rope virtually untouchable in speed comparisons.

The cable is made of coated stainless steel, and the handles are made of an ultra-durable nylon, making this rope great for indoor use. The rope can be adjusted to the correct length as needed.  Speed Skip Rope is light and turns with ease.

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