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Standard EZ Curl Bar


The Standard EZ Curl Bar was specifically designed for specific upper body muscle groups. Standard EZ Curl Bar is great for working the arms, chest and back. Standard EZ Curl Bar is recommended for Olympic level weightlifters and other professional weightlifting enthusiasts.


Standard EZ Curl Bar will increase upper arm mass, strength and definition. A proven favorite of bodybuilders everywhere, this bar isolates and intensifies development of the bicep and forearm muscles. Standard EZ Curl Bar is made from Solid steel.

Standard EZ curl bar allows for a more natural position during upper body workouts to decrease the chance of injury. It is made from solid steel with a chrome finish and comes with spinlock collars for extra safety and easier plate changes in-between workouts.

The Standard EZ curl bar is threaded for easy grip.


the length of the bar is 1200mm

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Weight 6 kg