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Key Features: Wall Mounted Chinning Bar

Key Function: In its common usage, a person jumps up slightly to grab the bar in both hands so that the palms are facing away (pronation) and the feet hang freely in the air. The exerciser then pulls himself up to where his chin passes the top of the bar, slowly lowers himself to hanging by his arms, and repeats as many times as possible. This is referred to commonly as a pull-up.The chin-up can also be performed using an inverse grip, where the palms of the hands are facing the participant (supination). This is what is commonly referred to as a chin-up. This type of grip usually places more emphasis on the intercostals and the biceps, whereas the traditional grip is more of an upper-back and latissumus dorsi exercise.

Specs & Dimensions:
Width: 1450 mm
Length: 320 mm
Height: 400 mm

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Weight 30 kg
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