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Weighted Vest – No Weights (Max Weight 24kg)


Great quality unisex vest holds 36 weights of either 750g or 500g. The weight pouches are designed inside the vest so as not to interfere with training, and have a Velcro closure preventing the weights from falling out while exercising. Weights are sold separately.

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Weighted Vest is sold without weights initially, you need to select the weights you require and add them to the cart when purchasing this amazing product. This Weighted Vest can take up to and including 27kg in weights. Weighted Vest is a tight and secure fit preventing shifting while running and jumping, so you won’t get a rash from the vest rubbing against the body, so when fitting, ensure it is tight and not lose on the body. Weighted Vest is a unisex vest and holds up to and including 36 weights of either 500g or 750g. These weights are selected by you, remember 27 of either weights 500g or 750g

(36 x 500g = 18kg; 36 x 750g = 27kg)

Weighted Vest weight pouches are inside the vest so they don’t interfere with training and the weights don’t fall out whilst you moving around. Weighted Vest has a velcro closure so that the weights do not fall out while exercising.

Weighted Vest is durable, made from a breathable mesh and can be washed easily. Weighted Vest has reinforced shoulder padding and one size fits most. Weighted Vest weight can be adjusted whilst wearing it for efficient training.

Benefits of the Vest  –

  • Develop explosive power, speed, strength and endurance
  • Promote development of a lean and defined physique
  • Increases exercise intensity, maximizing fat loss and lean muscle
  • Improve vertical jump with plyometric training
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