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Wintergreen Foaming Bath Tonic 400ml


If you had a hard day or tough training session, then the Wintergreen Foaming Bath Tonic 400ml is what you need. Give your entire body a well deserved soak in innovative Wintergreen Foaming Bath Tonic 400ml.

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This Foaming Bath Tonic by Wintergreen acts as a relieving muscle recovery soak, meaning you put it in the bath and you rest – relax-recover. Whether you’ve had a hard day at the office or a tough training session, allow our powerful formulation made with Mustard Powder and Epsom salts, Camphor & Eucalyptus Oil to act with the heat of your bath to help soothe tension and fatigue.

Ideal to use when:

  • Your whole body is tired and achey and you need muscular and mental relief
  • Pour under hot running water

Foaming Bath Tonic: This heat-activated Bath Tonic foams when poured under hot, running water. It assists to soothe tired, exhausted muscles, tension and fatigue.

Perfect for: Soothing tired muscles, tension and fatigue.


  • Menthol
  • Mustard Powder
  • Wintergreen Oil


Available in:

400ml bottle


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