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Balance & Stabilisation Wooden Rocker Board


The Wooden Rocker Board offers functionality and durability, and can be used by professionals or at home. It provides 1 plane of instability and provides basic balance training to make your movements more graceful, while building core strength.

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The Wooden Rocker Board is a functional apparatus used during various exercise types to enhance the balance ability of the athlete. Rocker Board is durable and can be used by professionals or at home while exercising. Wooden Rocker Board only gives 1 plane of instability and is ideal for basic balance training. The Wooden Rocker Board base tilts and rocks to challenge your balance and proprioception. Rocker Board is the ideal wobble board for the beginner to professional, can be used in the studio, gym or at home on a stable flat surface for best results. Wooden Rocker Board is made from high quality wooden board and will not break easily. The Wooden Rocker Board is easily cleanable, wipe of and it’s all good for the next session. Please use the correct footwear for grip on the board, socks will not work as this will slip and injure you. Wooden Rocker Board has a twelve degree tilt, so you going to really need to know your balance to stay on.


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